Next Stop, Taiwan! Your Home in Asia.

Taiwan Employment Gold Card

In 2019, the Expat Insider named Taiwan the happiest country in East Asia and the best destination for Expats. The Employment Gold Card makes moving to Taiwan as an international professional easy and convenient. Find out more about the fantastic benefits and why it’s called a 4-1 Visa.

Open work permit. Work for any company you want.

Stay for up to 3 years, with eligibility for tax benefits for high salaries.

Bring your family. Your parents and grandparents can visit too!

Taiwan Employment Gold Card Office

Created by the National Development Council, the office serves as a single point of contact for foreign professionals’ recruitment and assistance. If you have any questions and concerns, please send us an e-mail today!

Get to know the Gold Card Community

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For over 5,000 people, Taiwan is their next stop in life. The Taiwan Employment Gold Card community is growing very fast. We welcome applicants from all over the world. Apply now and join the community.
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Choose your field

Professionals from ten different fields are eligible to apply for the Gold Card program. Click on the different areas of expertise and find out if you are qualified! However, note that you may only apply under one field.

You may also try the Gold Card Qualification Check to see which criteria you can consider in your application.