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If you enter Taiwan with Taiwanese passport, you will not be allowed to apply for the Employment Gold Card domestically. You must submit the application abroad.
  • If you have one of the following visas, your visa cannot be converted and your application will be rejected: for APEC Business Travel Card holder (ABTC), Blue-Collar Workers (FL), Foreign Officials and their Family (FO), Studying Mandarin Chinese Visa (FR), International Conference Visa (IM), Trade Exhibition or other Events Visa (IM), Medical Visa (M), and Working Holiday Visa (WH excluding British nationality / British nationals that hold a YM visa). If you wish to apply for a Gold Card, you must leave Taiwan and apply overseas or re-enter Taiwan on a different visa. Please remember to double check your passport to confirm your visa. Should you have any questions or concerns about your visa, please confirm with the Bureau of Consular Affairs .
  • Gold Card applicants from these designated countries will be asked by the overseas missions of the R.O.C. to provide a sponsor in Taiwan.
  • When applying for the Gold Card, your passport must have at least six months of validity. If not, the application portal will ask you to upload your new passport before allowing you to upload your supplemental documents.
  • Once logged in to the portal, Select Application for Employment Gold Card from the Application menu, then click “New Applicant”.
  • If you are applying from within Taiwan, be sure to select your current visa carefully as this cannot be changed later.

Visa Status Showcase
Visa Status Showcase

  • Please remember to double check your passport to confirm your visa situation. If you choose the wrong identity, you will be asked to reapply and not given a refund.
Visa Exempt Stamp example
Visa Exempt Stamp example
  • If you hold a visa less than 60-days or are visa-free, or you cannot obtain the Taiwan Employment Gold Card within the time limit, you will still need to leave the country and re-enter.
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Latest FAQ about the application process

Do I qualify?

In order to qualify for an Employment Gold Card, your skills must be related to one of ten fields: Science and Technology, Economics, Education, Culture and Art, Sport, Finance, Law, Architecture, National Defense, or Digital. You must select which ministry is most relevant, and in most cases, also select a specific qualification in that particular area for your application.

Feel free to use our Gold Card Qualification Check to check your qualification.

Is there a “general” application criteria or must I select a specific field?

There is no “general” application category. You must select a single ministry to assess your skills.

Do I need to have a high salary to apply for a Gold Card?

You do not need to have a high salary. Some fields have a criteria where applicants with a salary greater than NT$160,000 qualify, however, this is only one criteria. To date, other than the dedicated salary criteria, no other criteria has financial requirements.


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