Please visit the website of the Online Application Platform and set up an account. Please make sure that your email address is correct. It will be difficult to change later. Check your email to access the verification link, then use the login details to login into the portal.

Due to information security laws and regulations, your password must be changed every three months after your initial application. Please be sure to remember your account username and password. If your account username and password is entered incorrectly five times, you will not be able to change it. You will then need to notify the National Immigration Agency at

**If you are using a free e-mail service and have not yet received the verification email, please also check other folders (i.e. Junk or Spam). If you are still unable to find the verification email, we suggest using a different email address for the application. Please refrain from using Mainland Chinese or encrypted email services when registering your account for the application, because you will not be able to receive messages from the National Immigration Agency. **

Please carefully read the information on the Bulletin Board of the Foreign Professionals Online Application Platform.

Your name in English needs to be consistent with the name on your passport you are using to enter Taiwan.

You can keep your personal check list up to date so it's easier to remember which steps you have finished and what’s still on the list. To remove your DONE you can click on:

Latest FAQ about the application process

Do I qualify?

In order to qualify for an Employment Gold Card, your skills must be related to one of ten fields: Science and Technology, Economics, Education, Culture and Art, Sport, Finance, Law, Architecture, National Defense, or Digital. You must select which ministry is most relevant, and in most cases, also select a specific qualification in that particular area for your application.

Feel free to use our Gold Card Qualification Check to check your qualification.

Is there a “general” application criteria or must I select a specific field?

There is no “general” application category. You must select a single ministry to assess your skills.

Do I need to have a high salary to apply for a Gold Card?

You do not need to have a high salary. Some fields have a criteria where applicants with a salary greater than NT$160,000 qualify, however, this is only one criteria. To date, other than the dedicated salary criteria, no other criteria has financial requirements.


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