• Choose your validity period for the Taiwan Employment Gold Card. The price of the application varies for longer validity periods. Extensions are not possible.

  • Please choose the preferred location for collecting your Gold Card.

  • You will pick up the Gold Card in Taiwan. You will enter the country on a temporary certificate that you print yourself and collect the card after you arrive. For detailed instructions to pick up your Gold Card, please refer to Card Collection.

  • If you currently don’t have a work address, you can temporarily leave it out during the application and review stage. You may leave your Taiwan relative/friend’s resident address if you have no residence address. However, you must provide a residential address within 30 days of arriving in Taiwan.

  • Please fill in the UI No. (ARC no.) if you have had an ARC in Taiwan. If you forgot your UI No., please contact NIA’s service center .

  • Domestic applications require a residential address when applying. When entering the Taiwanese address in Chinese, only Chinese symbols and Arabic numerals can be used, no English letters allowed. Please refer to the FAQ .

    • Incorrect:台北市中正區寶慶路No. 3, 2F
    • Correct:台北市中正區寶慶路3號2樓

Address Format Showcase
Address Format Showcase

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Latest FAQ about the application process

What fees are involved in a Gold Card application?

There is an application fee, which is paid through the Gold Card application portal. There are no separate visa or work permit fees.

The application fees vary depending on if you have applied domestically or abroad, the duration of the visa, and your nationality. Please check the Fees for Employment Gold Card section of the application portal.

There are currently 6 online payment methods, including international credit cards, domestic credit cards, E-government payment platform, virtual account payment, 4 major convenience store payments, and Web ATM (card reader payment). The government will pay for the remittance fee if the payment is made by credit card, but the applicant will be responsible for the remittance fee if the payment is made by E-government payment platform, virtual account payment, 4 convenience store payment, or Web ATM. Please note that it will take 2-3 working days to receive a payment success notification after paying through a virtual account or through the 4 major convenience stores. If you wish to use a Debit Card, you must choose the Web ATM payment option.

If you are unable to make your application payment with an international credit card, it may be due to the following reasons:

  1. 3D Secure failed (you have not applied or entered incorrectly, and you need to apply for a verification code from your bank, and enter the verification number)
  2. Credit card loss report
  3. Your credit card company is not in cooperation with the Bank of Taiwan

Please try using JCB, VISA, or MasterCard. Do NOT use AMEX or China UnionPay

Please follow the instruction to pay your application fees online.


Is there a “general” application criteria or must I select a specific field?

There is no “general” application category. You must select a single ministry to assess your skills.

How long does the application take?

A perfect application takes at least 30 days, if your supporting documents are accepted the first time. If you are asked to provide additional supporting documents, expect 50-60 days.

*Note: Due to the pandemic, expect your application process to take at minimum 60 days.


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