Upload Document

  • Please upload a color copy of your passport, and a color photo of you (White background) according to the specifications on this page.

  • Use the Automatic photo cropping tool if you are unsure.

  • Attach relevant supporting documents. Documents need to correspond to the requirements based on the qualification you choose to apply through.

  • If your birthplace is in Mainland China, the National Immigration Agency will require you to upload the following documents:

    1. Your passport to prove you’ve been to foreign countries over four years; for example, present every page of your passport to prove the duration of your stay.
    2. Make an entry list along with your passport pages to show that each time you went back to China you did not stay past 30 days within four years. (dates and entry stamps are required.)

    In addition to submitting documents to meet the requirements prescribed in Article 7 Paragraphs 1 and 2 of the Enforcement Rules for the Act Governing Relations between the People of the Taiwan Area and the Mainland Area, shall also submit one of the following:

    1. Original certification of non-establishment of Mainland household registration verified by the Straits Exchange Foundation.
    2. Original notarial certification of cancellation of Mainland household registration verified by the Straits Exchange Foundation.
    3. Documentary proof sufficient to prove renunciation of ID as a People of the Mainland Area, verified by an ROC (Taiwan)embassy or overseas mission.
    4. Other documentary proof sufficient to prove renunciation of ID as a People of the Mainland Area.

    Should you have any questions regarding the required documents, please contact NIA’s service center .

  • If you choose to apply as a Hong Kong citizen, you will be required to give up your other citizenship. You must give up your foreign citizenship according to Article 4 of Laws and Regulations Regarding Hong Kong & Macao Affairs, the “Hong Kong Residents” as used herein refers to persons who qualify for permanent residency in Hong Kong and who do not hold a travel document other than a British (Overseas) passport or a Hong Kong passport. However, if you apply as a foreign citizen, you would only have to sign an affidavit stating that you will only use the designated passport you chose to enter Taiwan.

  • If the provided documents are neither in English nor Chinese, please attach a translation to English or Chinese.

  • If your documents are issued by the following countries/regions, additional verification is needed:

    • Applicants from Hong Kong and Macau may need to supply copies of resident and identity information.
    • Documents issued in the Mainland area have to be attested and examined by the institutions instituted or appointed by the Executive Yuan, or non-governmental organizations entrusted by the Executive Yuan (Strait Exchange Foundation) following the rule in Article 7 of “Act Governing Relations between Peoples of the Taiwan Area and the Mainland Area.” Please click HERE for more information.
    • An overseas ROC representative office must verify documents from the following countries/regions: Afghanistan, Algeria, Bengal, Bhutan, Myanmar, Cambodia, Cameroon, Cuba, Ghana, Iran, Iraq, Laos, Nepal, Niger, Nigeria, Pakistan, Senegal, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Syria, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

For more information, please refer to the detailed instructions .

If you have trouble submitting your Gold Card application, please refer to FAQ .

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Latest FAQ about the application process

What fees are involved in a Gold Card application?

There is an application fee, which is paid through the Gold Card application portal. There are no separate visa or work permit fees.

The application fees vary depending on if you have applied domestically or abroad, the duration of the visa, and your nationality. Please check the Fees for Employment Gold Card section of the application portal.

There are currently 6 online payment methods, including international credit cards, domestic credit cards, E-government payment platform, virtual account payment, 4 major convenience store payments, and Web ATM (card reader payment). The government will pay for the remittance fee if the payment is made by credit card, but the applicant will be responsible for the remittance fee if the payment is made by E-government payment platform, virtual account payment, 4 convenience store payment, or Web ATM. Please note that it will take 2-3 working days to receive a payment success notification after paying through a virtual account or through the 4 major convenience stores. If you wish to use a Debit Card, you must choose the Web ATM payment option.

If you are unable to make your application payment with an international credit card, it may be due to the following reasons:

  1. 3D Secure failed (you have not applied or entered incorrectly, and you need to apply for a verification code from your bank, and enter the verification number)
  2. Credit card loss report
  3. Your credit card company is not in cooperation with the Bank of Taiwan

Please try using JCB, VISA, or MasterCard. Do NOT use AMEX or China UnionPay

Please follow the instruction to pay your application fees online.


Is there a “general” application criteria or must I select a specific field?

There is no “general” application category. You must select a single ministry to assess your skills.

How long does the application take?

A perfect application takes at least 30 days, if your supporting documents are accepted the first time. If you are asked to provide additional supporting documents, expect 50-60 days.

*Note: Due to the pandemic, expect your application process to take at minimum 60 days.


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