Step 3 - After Application

What happens after you submit.

Congratulations on submitting your application! To check your application process, log in to the portal , click “Application Progress Inquiry”, and fill in your 12-digit application number. The application fee is nonrefundable regardless of the results of your application.

At this point, your application is under review. In a few weeks, you may be asked to submit additional documents. If all goes well you will be notified with the result of your skill assessment, and if successful asked to submit your passport for verification and eventually collect your Gold Card. With all the correct documentation submitted, it can take over 60 business days to complete the entire Employment Gold Card application process.

Supplementary Documents

Submitting Additional Documents & Rejection

Passport Inspection

For applications submitted overseas (excluding Hong Kong or Macau), your passport will have to be inspected by an ROC overseas mission.

Card Collection

Beginning from noon July 28, 2021, the pickup location for the Employment Gold Card has been set in Taiwan, and there will no longer be an option for picking up the card at an …

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