Mandarin 101

Struggling to learn the Mandarin language? Difficult characters and tones keeping you from improving? No worries, the Gold Card Office has teamed up with the Taipei Learning Institute (TLI) to bring you an introductory course to basic Mandarin! This course is designed for beginner level Mandarin speakers who want to get their feet wet and learn the basics of the language.

Course Objectives:

Become familiar with using Mandarin in introducing oneself. Learn to communicate with basic phrases and sentences in workplaces. Course Outline:

Warm up (instructor introduction) Introduce practical Mandarin for the workplace: How to introduce yourself and your background in Mandarin. Learn commonly used terms and other vocabularies utilized in the industry or by other occupations in Mandarin. Practice self-introduction with one’s own business card in Mandarin. Learn commonly used phrases and/or sentences utilized in the Taiwanese workplace. Practice (in Mandarin) business card exchanges, networking, and Q&A. Event Rundown

18:00-18:30 – Sign In & Socializing 18:30-20:00 – Mandarin Course by Taipei Language Institute 20:00-22:30 – Networking