Can a foreigner with the R.O.C Nationality apply for an Employment Gold Card?

If any of these below are true, your application will not be accepted:

  1. An R.O.C. National who has a Taiwanese household registration, and is currently residing in Taiwan.
  2. Entered Taiwan with an R.O.C passport. Note: When applying for residency, or an extension of stay or residency, those who entered Taiwan with a foreign passport must first register their moving-out registration with the Household Registration Office.
  3. The application of males who have not completed compulsory military service of conscription age or near conscription age if they fall into one of the following situations:* Having neither an Overseas Compatriot Identity Certificate for the purpose of military service nor an Overseas Compatriot Identity Endorsement on his R.O.C. passport.
  • Being an overseas draftee who has resided in Taiwan Area for one year or more.
  • Having been subjected to conscription in accordance with the law and is being restricted from leaving the country.