Can my spouse and children also apply for permanent residency? What are the qualifications?

The spouse and children of Gold Card holders may also apply for permanent residency under the same requirements as Gold Card holders. However, having a Doctorate Degree Certificate issued by Taiwanese institution will not count towards their residency for the spouse and children.

To apply, individuals must meet ONE of the following requirements (choose the requirement that is most beneficial to you):

  1. After the Gold Card holder has obtained permanent residency, their spouse, underaged children, or adult children with mental/physical disabilities who are unable to care for themselves, can apply for permanent residency without financial proof if they have stayed in Taiwan legally for up to 3 consecutive years and for an average of 183 days or more per year.
  2. Foreigners can apply for permanent residency if they have legally resided in Taiwan for at least 5 consecutive years and for more than 183 days per year, and has also met the requirements of Article 25 of the Immigration Act.

Application for Permanent Residence Information: