Do APRC applicants need to provide a police criminal record certificate?

Please see page 8-10 of the following document According to the NIA’s Instructions on Document Submission by Foreigners Applying for Permanent Residency, a foreigner who has legally and continuously resided in the ROC (Taiwan) for five years, and who has not left the country for more than three months at a time, may be exempted from submitting a satisfactory health examination certificate and a police criminal record certificate issued by their country of origin. However, you will still need to provide the original ROC (Taiwan) police criminal record certificate for the most recent five years (valid within three months of issue). Note: If your situation requires a foreign criminal record certificate, the original certificate for the most recent five years issued by the applicant’s country of origin (valid within one year of the date of issue, including the Chinese translation) must be provided. Also, foreign criminal record certificate shall be the national record of the applicant’s country of residence. For example, the police record of a U.S. citizen must be issued by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Should you have concerns or questions regarding your police criminal record certificate, please contact your local National Immigration Agency Service Center .