How can High-Level Professionals apply for naturalization?

High-level professionals in the technological, economic, educational, cultural, art, sports, or other domains who have been recommended by the central competent authority, whose specialties are deemed to serve the interests of the ROC, and who have been approved through a joint review organized by the Ministry of the Interior and conducted by relevant agencies and impartial individuals may be exempted from submitting a certificate of loss of original nationality when apply for naturalization. Standards for Defining High-Level Professionals for Naturalization

The required documents for applying for naturalization are:

  • Letter of recommendation (High-level professionals holding the Plum Blossom card are not required to attach the letter of recommendation) Please check here for what to bring when requesting a letter of recommendation for naturalization from the central competent authority.
  • Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) / Alien Permanent Resident Certificate (APRC)
  • Apply for Alien Residency record
  • Criminal record issued by the government of your existing country of citizenship
  • Proof of funds or professional skills
  • Proof of basic Chinese language proficiency and basic knowledge of national rights and obligations
  • Colored photo (taken within the past 2 years)
  • Naturalization permit certificate fee: NTD 1200

Process Steps for Naturalization for High-Level Professionals:

  1. Applicant- Attach professional certificates, such as award-winning data, professional talents, academic research, or important achievements to apply to the central competent authority of enterprises for issuing the letter of recommendation.

  2. Central competent authority of enterprises- Issue the letter of recommendation to the applicant after the review is passed.

  3. Residence household registration office-

    -The applicant shall attach the letter of recommendation along with the documents required for naturalization, resident and permanent resident of national without registered household to household registration office for application.

    -After preliminary review, the household registration office will send the application case to MOI for further review.

  4. Ministry of the Interior-

    -Invite social justice figures, experts / academics and organization representatives to make up a review committee to review naturalization of high-level professionals and determine high-level professionals.

    -Re-review a variety of naturalization conditions.

  5. Applicant- For the high-level professional passing the review committee’s review and meeting the conditions required for naturalization, MOI will issue the naturalization permit certificate to them, in which the high-level professional is not required to lose their original nationality.

  6. Household registration office- Apply for household registration, a national identification card (national ID card) and a household certificate.

Notice for applying for naturalization:

High-Level Professionals’ application

For Foreign nationals’ application, please see “Ⅱ- 3. Nationality” from the FAQ page

Related regulations: please see Standards for Defining High-Level Professionals for Naturalization