How can I apply for Taiwan’s Quarantine Subsidy?

If you have a Taiwanese bank account, you can apply online through:

If you do not have a Taiwanese bank account, you can provide a friend’s bank account information. Visit your local District Office (區公所) to fill in a document called “帳戶異動切結書“, which states that you are using another account.

To apply in person, visit the District Office of the district in which you have completed your quarantine. According to Taiwan’s Quarantine Subsidy, you can check your eligibility by calling the 1957 hotline.

If travelers are unable to provide a COVID-19 nucleic acid test (such as PCR, RT-PCR, NAA, NAT, or others) report issued within three days of boarding, and come to Taiwan without meeting the requirements, such travelers may not apply for the disease prevention compensation after entry. Please refer to CDC website for more information.