How can I extend the residency for my foreign child studying in Taiwan as they approach adulthood?

There are 2 options in extending residency:

I. Foreign students holding a valid dependent Alien Resident Certificate and pursuing studies in five-year colleges, elementary schools, junior and senior high schools, and Ministry of Education accredited Education School for International Residents (SIR), should apply for a change to Resident Visa for studying purposes through the Bureau of Consular Affairs or the Representative Office. The application requires the submission of all relevant documents. Please refer to this link .

II. A foreign national under the age of eighteen (18) and any of his/her lineal ascendant is a national of the State with household registration in the Taiwan Area or permitted to reside in the area, or an alien permitted to reside or permanently reside in the area, or a resident of Hong Kong or Macau permitted to reside in the area, and meets one of the following conditions, may apply for a residency extension:

  • Having stayed in Taiwan for an accumulated 10 years in total and residing for over 270 days each year.

  • Having entered Taiwan under the age of 14 and stayed over 270 days each year.

  • Born in Taiwan, having resided in Taiwan for a minimum accumulated period of at least 10 years in total and having stayed over 183 days each year.

    Foreign nationals should submit the following documents along with one photograph to the National Immigration Agency within three months prior to the expiration date of his/her residency:

  • Application form

  • Passport and Alien Resident Certificate

  • Documents to prove kinshi

  • Other supporting documents