How can my spouse and children from Mainland China extend their stay in Taiwan?

As the stay period for Mainland Chinese residents in Taiwan is near expiration, they have the option to apply for an extension. Within one month before the expiration of the stay period, they can go to any service center of the National Immigration Agency (NIA) to apply for the extension. If there are no other pending verifications and all required documents are complete, the application period takes one working day.

The required documents for the extension are:

  1. Application for Extension
  2. Exit & Entry Permit (Republic of China)
  3. One of the documents below: Taiwan travel permit for Mainland residents (PRC Travel Pass to Taiwan), travel documents issued by the Mainland with a validity period of more than six months (excluding Exit & Entry Permit for Travelling to and from Hong Kong and Macau), Mainland Resident Identity Card, or documents proving their identity. (The extension will only be valid up until one month before the expiration of your document)
  4. Proof documents explaining the reason of extension
  5. NTD 300 extension fee
  6. ID card of the person applying on behalf of the applicant (will be returned after verification)

For more details on how your Mainland Chinese spouse and children can extend their stay, please check this link