How do employers and self-employed individuals apply for a NHI IC Card?

The following documents need to be prepared:

  1. Application For NHI Card
  2. National Health Insurance Coverage Application Form
  3. Declaration form for establishment of a national health insurance unit
  4. Copy of the Employment Gold Card
  5. The Ministry of Economic Affairs company registration approval letter

For more details, please contact the Health Insurance Consultation Hotline :

Tel: +886-800-030-598

Mobile: +886-2-4128-678

  • Taipei Divisions: +886-2-2191-2006
  • Northern Divisions: +886-3-433-9111
  • Central Divisions: +886-4-2258-3988
  • Southern Divisions: +886-6-224-5678
  • Eastern Divisions: +886-3-833-2111