How do I apply for a monthly mobile plan in Taiwan?

Foreign nationals should pay attention to the following points when applying for a monthly mobile plan in Taiwan:

  1. Dual Identification Documents: Please ensure you have your passport and alien residence certificate ARC (validity of over 6 months) with your residential address displayed.
  2. Choose a Service Provider: You can select from service providers such as Chunghwa Telecom, Taiwan Mobile, or Far EasTone. While these companies offer monthly plans for foreigners, note that online applications are not available; you must apply in person at the counter. Please Note: For Chunghwa Telecom, Foreigners can only apply at Chunghwa Telecom’s direct branches, this service is not provided by Shennao’s authorized stores; Taiwan Mobile and Far EasTone do not have such restrictions.
  3. Fill Out the Application Form: Fill out the application form and submit it along with your passport and alien residence certification ARC
  4. Payment Fee: Depending on the telecommunications service provider’s policy, you may need to provide a Taiwanese guarantor or pay a security deposit. The specific amount may vary on the service provider. (1) Chunghwa Telecom offers two options: A Taiwanese guarantor (along with the guarantor’s dual ID) or a deposit of NT $2900. (2) Taiwan Mobile: No Taiwanese guarantor or deposit required. (3) Far EasTone: The deposit is NT $2400.
  5. Waiting for Review: The telecommunications service provider will review your application. Once approved, you can immediately start using the mobile plan. Please refer to the attached table: Identification Documents for Foreign Nationals Applying for Mobile Phone Plan (monthly) in Taiwan.