How do I apply for National Health Insurance (NHI) for my dependents?

Once you are employed by a Taiwanese organization or are qualified to be insured as an employer or self-employed business owner under Article 10 Paragraph 1 Subparagraph 1 Item 4 of the National Health Insurance Act, your spouse and your minor children and adult children who are unable to live independently will be covered under your enrollment as ‘dependents’.

If you are not employed or self-employed in Taiwan, your dependents must wait 6 months after holding a Alien Residence Certificate (ARC) before they may apply for health insurance. During this waiting period, they can only leave Taiwan once, and said period cannot exceed 30 days.

To enroll your dependents in NHI, please bring your Gold Card, their ARCs, and your stamps to the National Health Insurance Administration .

Please refer to article 21 of the Act for the Recruitment and Employment of Foreign Professionals .

Should you have any questions regarding your dependents’ NHI, please call the health insurance consultation line

Tel: +886-800-030-598

Mobile: +886-2-4128-678