How do I calculate the start and end date of the average 183 days per year? Does it start from the day my Gold Card is approved? Or the day I entered Taiwan? Or is it the day that I officially receive the physical card?

  1. For Gold cardholders applying for permanent residency, the start date for calculating permanent residency is the date of approval when you first obtain your Gold Card, which is the Date of Issue indicated on your card, and the expiration date is the Date of Expiration that is also indicated on your card. As long as the card is renewed before the expiration date, your residency will be considered as continuous.
  2. The start date for calculating the days of residency is one day before the date of your application for permanent residency. If the three-year period of stay is continuous and the average length of stay exceeds 183 days, the requirement for the number of days of residency is met.