How do I change my UI No.?

If you want to apply for a New UI No. for foreign nationals, please check the “Submission for Change of New UI No. Only” in the “Information Change of Employment Gold Card” section of the online application portal and upload a photo of your Gold Card to apply.

For all other Gold Card related changes, such as updating your resident address and other information or applying for a new Gold Card, after the payment is submitted and approved, if you still have an old ID number, the system will automatically give you a New UI No. for foreign nationals.

If you’ve applied for an Employment Gold Card in 2021, the UI No. will be changed to a New UI No. (one English letter plus nine digits), so if the ARC is an old-style UI No (two English letters plus eight digits), the Employment Gold Card application will be changed to a New UI No.

For more information, please refer to the NIA’s website .