How do I change to another Field?

Case Status Check → The List of Supplemental Documents → View → Modify → Profession

(Please confirm that you have uploaded the correct documents. Currently, the preview option only shows your old documents, so please ignore the preview option, click “Next Step” continuously, then click “Send” to submit)

If you switch to a new Field or regulation, or there are new regulations for the Field of the previous application, the platform will not be able to transfer your documents from your previous application.

Please review in detail the regulations in each of the Fields and pay attention in particular to the notes on the required documents. Most people are better off choosing the regulation that they can provide the most proof and documents for.

If the relevant authority that is reviewing your application finds that your documents are insufficient, they will return your application and request additional documents. At this time, you can choose to submit additional documents or to change to another Field. However, if the relevant authority believes that your chances are low, they also have the ability to reject your application instead of returning it.