How do I meet the salary requirements of the Gold Card application?

If you are planning on applying under the salary qualification, see below. You must provide ALL of the following:

  • Personal CV
  • Proof of Employment: You will need to attach your employment certificate, with your company’s name, position, and date of employment. Documents should also include the stamp, seal, or signature of (the representative of) the entity by which the paper was issued. For a sample of an employment certificate

Aside from the document(s) stated above, you must provide ONE of the following:

  • Any annual tax statement issued within 3 years of the application date (e.g., Australia PAYG Payment Summary, Canada T4, Israel 106 Form, Poland PIT-11, Russia 2-NDFL, UK P60, US W-2) to prove that your monthly salary was at average above NTD$160,000. If such certification cannot be presented owing to provisions of tax law, it may, after explanation of the tax law provisions preventing its presentation, be replaced by an employer’s certification. (The Certificate of Employment should specify the period of employment, job content/position, and the actual salary received. If the Certificate of Employment does not specify the salary, it should be accompanied by a salary slip to support it).

    If your annual salary reaches 1,920,000 NTD, “salaries and wages” shall include salaries, stipends, wages, allowances, annuities, cash awards, bonuses, and all kinds of subsidies. Whereas the money received for performing duties for the employer, such as traveling expenditures, daily allowance and overtime pay (not in excess of the prescribed amounts) shall be excluded. If these qualifications are met, you may be eligible.

    You can choose any one year within 3 years of your application date for your tax return. The Workforce Development Agency (WDA) will take the amount on your annual tax form, divide it by 12, and see if the average monthly salary is at least NTD$160,000. With respect to the exchange rate calculation basis, the WDA’s current reviewing method is based on whether the cash purchase rate on the date of review or during the period of employment of the applicant has reached NTD$160,000, and the buying cash rate from the Bank of Taiwan’s historical exchange rate will be used for valuation. If you want to check the exchange rate, please refer to the Bank of Taiwan’s exchange rate .

    Furthermore, the NTD$160,000 monthly salary refers to salary ‘before tax’. Bank receipts from your account balance, cryptocurrency, funds (as in pension funds, welfare funds, etc.), stocks, property income, etc. cannot be used as proof.

    If your annual salary has been adjusted and now meets the requirement of an average monthly salary of NT$160,000, but you are unable to provide a tax return as proof as it is not yet time to file your tax return, you shall submit all of the following documents to support your application:

    1. The most recent year’s tax statement before your salary was adjusted to NT$160,000 or higher
    2. A salary adjustment statement issued by your company
    3. Annual salary statements or pay slips issued by the company
  • The employment contract of your intended future employment in the ROC (the starting date of the employment contract must be more than 1 month after the Gold Card application.) Your employment must be based in the ROC, Taiwanese companies and multinational companies in Taiwan are both acceptable.