How do I update information on my Gold Card?

Requests for information changes must be made through the Online Application Portal. Please note that starting today, the online application platform requires applicants to provide a contact mobile phone number in Taiwan (starting with 09XXX).

Please log into the Online Application Portal , go to the Application Menu –> Request a Change of Information on Employment Gold Card.

The following information can be updated online:

  1. Chinese/English Name (NTD500 fee; Must provide new passport)

  2. Gender (NTD500 fee)

  3. Passport Number (Free)

  4. Collection Location (Free)

  5. Resident Address (Free; Must provide documents such as electricity bills or rental agreement)

  6. Email (Free)

  7. Mobile Phone Number (Free)

  8. Unified ID Number

    • Changing to a new ID number is free of charge.
    • Replacement due to an inappropriate number incurs a NT500 fee and requires submission of both sides of your ID. This change can only be made once.

NIA’s contact email:

Please note that according to Article 6 of the Fee-Charging Standards for Employment Gold Cards, Employment Pass Cards and Entrepreneur Visas to Fee-Charging Standards for Employment Gold Cards, Employment Pass Cards and Entrepreneur Visas”, Hong Kong/ Macau applicants must pay NT$2,600 if they wish to change their Name or Gender.

It takes approximately 1-2 weeks for the National Immigration Agency (NIA) to review your application. Afterwards, you will be able to download the Resident Authorization Certificate to enter Taiwan. However, please note that you must pick up your Gold Card in Taiwan in advance if you are going to apply for an extension overseas.

If you need to update any personal information or if your card is stolen, lost or damaged, please file a report using the Foreign Professionals Online Application Platform within 30 days from its occurrence.

Please follow these instructions to update information on your Gold Card.

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