How do my parents from Hong Kong and Macau apply for a visa extension?

Residents of Hong Kong and Macao are permitted to enter Taiwan for a period not exceeding three months. Those who would like to extend their stay should apply through the National Immigration Agency. Required documents:

  1. Application form for single entry/exit permit
  2. Entry/exit documents: single entry/exit permit, renewable entry/exit permit or multiple entry/exit permit
  3. NT$300 application fee
  4. Relevant documents: Proof documents for applying for further extension of stay
  5. Letter of Attorney (not required for personal applicants)
  6. Relative relationship certificate and copy of effective residence certificate for foreign special professional

For relevant instructions, please refer to: Entry and exit instructions for Hong Kong and Macao citizens For regulations related to lineal ascendant visit and stay, please refer to: Article 18 of the Law on the Recruitment and Employment of Foreign Professionals