How do my parents from Hong Kong or Macau apply for stay in Taiwan?

  • Required Documents:

    1. An application form, with a white-background 2’’ photo taken within the last 2 years (Same specification as ROC national ID photo).
    2. Original and copy of Hong Kong/Macau permanent residence ID card and Hong Kong/Macau passport (the original will be returned after verification).
    3. Application Fee: NT$600 for a single entry permit; NT$1,000 for a 1-year multiple entry permit; NT$2,000 for a 3-year multiple entry permit.
    4. A registered self-addressed stamped envelope with the recipient’s name and phone number.
    5. Power of Attorney (Not required if Hong Kong/Macau residents apply in person).
    6. Certificate of family relations.
    7. A copy of valid ARC or ROC Employment Gold Card overseas application approval notice issued to the Hong Kong/Macau special professional.
  • How to apply:

    1. In Hong Kong or Macau: Apply to the Taipei Economic and Cultural Offices in Hong Kong or Macau. Second application and beyond may be filed directly to the NIA.
    2. In foreign countries: Apply to ROC (Taiwan) embassies, representative offices, or other agencies authorized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.