How to change residence address as an expat?

If you’re an expatriate and need to update your residence or service address during your residency, please apply through the National Immigration Agency (NIA) within 30 days of the change–No fee is required.

Application process:

  • Foreign students , foreign professionals and their spouses ; walk-in option available
  • Employment Gold Card holders can only apply online.
  • Spouses of Taiwanese nationals can only apply in person at the counter.
  • When applying in person, please visit the NIA service center in the area of your new address (For instance, if relocating from New Taipei City to Taipei City, go directly to the NIA Taipei City service center); Additionally, for family reunion applicants, having a household registration address different from the rental address will not result in the rejection of the application.

Required Documents

  • One 2-inch photo of the applicant.

  • Proof of current residence: For example, a lease agreement, homeowner’s agreement and consent along with a photocopy of the owner’s title deed, or photocopy of homeowner’s ID card (front and back) along with a consent letter

  • Taiwanese citizens’ foreign spouses will need to provide the household registration certificate.

  • Original and photocopy of passport and ARC (returned after verification).

  • In-person applicants must fill out the Application For ARC and Extension of Stay” form.