I am currently in the process of extending my Gold Card, how can my foreign spouse and children apply for a residency extension?

Your spouse and children can apply for a residency extension before the expiration of their current residency period if the original reason for their residency still exists.

There are two options:

Option 1: With the original gold card, the extension of the spouse’s and children’s Alien Residence Certification (ARC) can be applied at the National Immigration Agency (NIA). After the gold card extension is completed, the ARC for the spouse and children can be extended for 1 - 3 years with the corresponding fees paid according to the validity period.

Option 2: If you are working in Taiwan, your company can apply for a work permit from the WDA (Workforce Development Agency) for you. After obtaining it, you can apply to the NIA for a general ARC. Then, use this ARC to apply for an extension for your spouse’s and children’s ARC under the dependent reason. After the Gold Card extension is completed, your general ARC will automatically be canceled, and the status of your spouse’s and children’s ARC remaining unchanged.

The required documents for extending an ARC are:

  • Original Alien Resident Certificate (ARC)
  • Passport
  • Proof of purpose of residency (such as relevant proof of dependency)
  • One colored photo (following the same specifications as the ID photo)
  • Application fee (price determined based on the duration)
  • Proof of current residence (any document ex. lease agreement or proof of homeowner’s agreement to stay, proving that you are currently residing at the location)
  • Letter of attorney should be attached if applicant is unable to attend in-person

For instructions on applying for an extension of an ARC, please refer to this link

Reference: Article 13 of the Act for the Recruitment and Employment of Foreign Professionals