Now that I have obtained the Employment Gold Card, how do I apply for an ARC for my spouse of the same sex?

If your same-sex spouse intends to apply for dependent residency, they can enter Taiwan initially either with a Visa-Exempt Entry or a Visitor Visa. Once in Taiwan, they should proceed to the National Immigration Agency to complete the procedures for dependent residency. According to Article 46 of the Act Governing the Choice of Law in Civil Matters Involving Foreign Elements, if one party is from a country that recognizes same-sex marriage while the other party is from a country that does not recognize it, then the same-sex spouse cannot apply for a dependent residency ARC. For a comprehensive list of countries that recognize same-sex marriage, please refer to the document titled ‘Countries Recognizing Same-sex Marriage’.

The required documents for ARC are:

  • Applicant’s original passport and a photocopy
  • Photocopy of the entry stamp page on the passport (for those who entered visa-free)
  • Original and photocopy of the Gold Card of the family member
  • Original and photocopy of the marriage certificate (foreign marriage certificates must be translated into Chinese first and verified at the overseas mission before submission in Taiwan)
  • One 2-inch white-background photo (similar to ID photo)
  • Completed application form
  • Letter of authorization if the applicant is unable to apply in person


  • NT$1,000 for the ARC valid for one year
  • An additional NT$2,200 for applicants entering the country with a visa-exempt entry

Please note:

During the application period, the applicant must remain in Taiwan. The processing time takes approximately 10 working days.

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