Does my professional services/sole proprietor/dividend income count towards the salary requirement for Gold Card application?

The salary requirement as stated relates to salary and not income in total.

Most recent monthly salary of at least NT$160,000 means a monthly salary or average monthly salary of NT$160,000 or above within the three years preceding the month of the application; documentary proof of salary or tax payment means one of the following:

  1. Salary withholding certification or tax certification. But if such certification cannot be presented owing to provisions of tax law, it may, after explanation of the tax law provisions preventing its presentation, be replaced by employer’s certification (i.e. Australia PAYG payment summary, Canada T4, Israel 106 form, Russia 2-NDFL, Poland PIT-11, UK P60, US W-2).
  2. The employment contract of intended future employment in the ROC.