What is proof of financial assets for applying for an APRC?

Please see page 6 of the following document: Instructions on Document Submission by Foreigners Applying for Permanent Residency

To apply for an APRC, the applicant must prove that they, in the most recent year (either the past 12 months before application, or the calendar year before application) had an average monthly income more than twice the minimum monthly wage set by the Ministry of Labor. Please refer to the MOL’s website

The NIA requires one of the following documents:

  1. Alien Individual Income Tax Return
  2. Comprehensive Income Tax Information List
  3. Salary income withholding tax voucher issued by employer


  1. Proof of having chattels and real estate in Taiwan (i.e. bank account in Taiwan) with an estimated total value in excess of five million NT dollars (NT$5,000,000).

For more detailed information on APRC financial asset issues with regards to your APRC application, please contact your local NIA Service Center