What is the difference between re-application and extension?

“Re-application” (also referred to as “renewal” on the Online Application Portal) is the term used for: 1) those who apply for a new Gold Card after their first Gold Card expires or, 2) those who applied for a second Gold Card before 10/25/2021. The start date of the new Gold Card begins on the approval date of the re-application.

“Extension” is the term used for those who apply for a new Gold Card before the first card expires and applied for it after (and including) 10/25/2021. You may apply for extension up to 4 months prior to your card’s expiration date, but no earlier. In this case, the start date of the new Gold Card is linked to the first Gold Card. For example, if your first card expires on 11/25, then your new card’s start date will begin on 11/25.

Please note that the application button is different for the “re-application” and the “extension”, although required documents are the same. In both cases, you must continue to meet the criteria you previously qualified for. If you change any criteria, then you will need to meet the qualifications of the new criteria.