Gold Card Member Benefits & Things to Know

Let’s begin planning your life in Taiwan! Here are some things you should know.

Where to Collect your Gold Card

Collect your Gold Card at the National Immigration Agency location that you chose during the application process (check the Application Portal if you forgot which one).For general immigration questions the National Immigration Agency has an International Service Hotline for foreigners: dial 1990 from a mobile or landline. Services are available in seven languages including English, Mandarin, Japanese, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Thai, and Cambodian.

Benefits / Resources

Your Gold Card means you are officially a resident of Taiwan! Take a moment to look at the front of your card, and in particular check out the “UI No” field. There you’ll see a number like A800000014. Memorize this - it’s your identity number to sign up for just about everything in Taiwan. The Gold Card is a type of “ARC” or Alien Resident Certificate, so anywhere you see that phrase, you can substitute your Gold Card. Please be aware, that as the ID system was recently revamped, your ID number may face issues on some online platforms.

Your Gold Card functions as your ID card, and you will need it for most daily activities including online shopping, opening a bank account, etc. Carry it around (and protect it!) like you would a driver’s license. It also works as your proof of address - be sure to keep your address up to date if you move, fines apply if you don’t. Keep the application portal bookmarked. If your card is lost, stolen or damaged you can apply for a replacement online.

Outside of the bureaucratic stuff, having a Gold Card means you are part of a community of professionals from dozens of countries, making their life in Taiwan. The community holds mixers, workshops, family activities and other events, and is full of friendly people who have answers to all the questions you are likely to have. Start by joining the official Gold Card Facebook Group , or the unofficial LINE and slack groups . Make sure you also subscribe to our Monthly Newsletters.

Regarding employment, your Gold Card gives you the right to work for any (or as many) company you want. Unless there are any special licensing requirements (like a medical license), you can get a job and start tomorrow. The employer doesn’t need to apply for further work permits as your Gold Card is your legal proof of permission to work.

As a Gold Card holder, you are also eligible to get National Health Insurance after staying in Taiwan for 180 consecutive days. Please refer to “Health Care Section” for more details.