Travel to Taiwan - Things to know

Covid-19 related Travel Info:

ⓘ As of October 13th, 2022, Gold Card Holders and their families no longer need to get a PCR test before traveling to Taiwan, or quarantine in a hotel. Please check official travel information for the latest updates.

Although COVID-19 travel restrictions have mostly been removed, please consult the Bureau of Consular Affairs (BOCA) , the National Immigration Agency (NIA) , and Taiwan Centers for Disease Control for the most up to date travel guidelines. Keep in mind that the Gold Card (even the Resident Authorization Certificate) is a type of Resident Certificate. You have the right to enter Taiwan as a Resident. Below are a few things to prepare before you get on a plane.

After you’re approved: Apply for visas for Family Members

If you plan to relocate your spouse and/or children to Taiwan, they will require resident visas to stay with you. Apply through your local Taiwan foreign mission (TECO or TECRO) once your card is approved (or BOCA if you and your family are already in Taiwan).

⚠This process can be time consuming. You need Proof of Relationship documents from your home country authenticated so start this step as soon as possible, especially if you are not applying near where you were married or where your dependents were born.

The Gold Card Family FAQ has the latest information, but here’s a quick summary of what you will need:

  • Fill out the Online Visa Form and print it out.
  • Two passport-size photos in color (with white background) taken within the last 6 months Passport (original & a photocopy) valid for at least 6 months with blank visa pages
  • Photocopy of your Gold Card or Resident Authorization Certificate
  • Proof of relationship: Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, or other relevant documents. Documents must be authenticated by the Taiwan Diplomatic Mission that serves the area that issued the document.
  • If you or your family members are from a country that doesn’t have visa-free entry to Taiwan, you will need to provide a health certificate.
  • If your family is from Hong Kong or Macao, there are additional requirements.
  • Additional documents may be required during processing: flight ticket, proof of itinerary, proof of current profession. Other documents may be requested.

Before you fly:

You will need to download your Resident Authorization Certificate from the portal and print it in color. Your airline will need to see this as proof of permission to enter Taiwan, and you’ll show it again to the border agent in Taiwan.

Land in Taiwan

At the airport in Taiwan

  • At immigration, Gold Card Holders may use the “Speedy Immigration” counter. If it’s shut, the Gold Card is equivalent to other Alien Resident Certificates (ARC); look for this counter or ‘residents’ for quick clearance.

Ⓘ Useful tip: If you have your physical gold card, you have the opportunity to get your e-Gate entry setup before going through customs for automated in-and-out access in the future.

  • Get some cash and pick up a SIM card. Take the opportunity to get some Taiwan Dollars (Taiwan Dollar TWD or New Taiwan Dollar NTD) at the airport’s ATMs or currency exchange booth. (In Taiwan, many places do not accept credit cards). For more information on obtaining a Taiwanese SIM card; see the section below on “Communication.”
  • Prior to reaching the baggage claim area, there is a temperature checkpoint where you will be shown information about self-health management. Take a picture, so you don’t have to look up the instructions later!

Leaving the Airport

You will see a taxi sign when you exit the airport. It’s easy to get one, with super reasonable pricing. If you’re going to the New Taipei or Taipei area, it’s around 1000NTD. Credit cards are accepted by all Airport Taxis. Alternatively you can take the Taoyuan Airport MRT (150NTD), or Highway bus (cheapest).

Shipping household goods

If you are separately shipping household goods to Taiwan, you should fill out a customs form to be stamped by a customs officer at the airport. Take a photo of this stamped form which you will need to provide to your shipper once your goods arrive in Taiwan. In the “Description of Articles” section of the customs form, write “Unaccompanied Household Baggage”, the approximate quantity of boxes and the value (typically written as “no commercial value”). If you will be separately shipping household goods to Taiwan, when you are going through immigration also request that an entry stamp be placed in your passport (typically residents do not have their passport stamped upon entry and exit). This entry-stamp and the customs form will serve as proof of your date of entry to Taiwan. Household goods must arrive within 6 months of this date.

COVID-19 Self-Health Management

All travelers entering Taiwan from abroad or that have had close contact with positive COVID cases, should pay careful attention to any onset of COVID symptoms for at least 7 days. If in doubt, you should always wear a mask when not eating, social distance where possible, and limit your contact with elderly and/or people from high risk groups.

As of February 7, 2023, if you have COVID symptoms, you should go home immediately and take a rapid antigen test. If you are confirmed positive, you should manage your own health until a negative test result is obtained. If you require medical advice, you may register for an online consultation, or walk, bike, or take your own (or friend’s) vehicle to the hospital. Do not take public transportation if you are positive or symptomatic. Once you have a negative test result, you may resume your normal daily activities.

⚠ As of February 20th, masks are only mandatory in hospitals, places of healthcare, and on public transportation. It is recommended that masks still be worn by the elderly or people in high risk groups, and in areas where social distancing is not possible or in areas with poor ventilation.


SIM Card

The most popular mobile carriers are Taiwan Mobile, Chunghwa Telecom, and Far EasTone Telecom. If you don’t already have a Taiwanese SIM card, you can obtain one at the airport. You will need to show a passport, and a second form of ID to get a SIM card. You must be at least 20 years old to purchase a SIM card.

⚠ Traveler SIM cards you get at the airport are difficult or impossible to convert to a permanent SIM card. Double check with the airport counter for options.

If you are getting a contracted (post-pay) mobile plan, mobile carriers might ask you to have a Taiwanese guarantor/co-signer.

Taiwanese mobile phone call charges can be quite high per minute, although some carriers might have discounts and promotions for calling people within the same network. However, internet calling is frequently used (such as calling via LINE, Facebook, WhatsApp, FaceTime, etc), so it is common to get an unlimited data plan to minimize the phone bill. Not all SIM cards at the airport include data, so be sure you get a plan that does!


Once you get your new phone number, install LINE . LINE is the most popular messaging app in Taiwan, with almost 90% of the population using it. In fact, a lot of businesses have commercial accounts on the app to promote their businesses. LINE also has a taxicab calling and a payment system within the app. You may wish to switch to the Taiwan App Store before downloading LINE to enable access to certain features (e.g., LINE Pay, LINE Today).