ALAM_Project Manager

About ALAM: Today’s electronics industry demands materials that enable technologies that improve connectivity, computing power, and energy consumption. Air Liquide offers a complete range of electronics advanced materials including Voltaix™ and ALOHA™ deposition precursors and enScribe™ etchants. Air Liquide activities help the industry to fabricate increasingly complex, compact, and powerful semiconductor chips (or integrated circuits). The primary focus of the Engineering department is to lead and execute large, mid size capital projects and smaller continuous improvement projects related to commercial chemical manufacturing processes. The Senior Project manager will act as the central subject matter expert in Project management and perform/manage all aspects of project management activity for the projects executed in support of major product lines and manufacturing areas, providing technical insights, leadership, and disciplined project management for implementation of chemical process intensive projects. Responsibilities include but are not limited to: -Develop, track, and manage projects to ensure that projects are executed according to the Project Plan and are completed on time (schedule implies resources) and on budget. Keeps management and all the stakeholders informed on all issues affecting project timeline and budget. Proactively develops plans to mitigate potential issues. -Responsible for procurement of equipment and materials, and services; and selection and hiring of subcontractors. -Negotiates project cost with suppliers to achieve optimal cost of ownership. -Manages material identification, application, receipt, staging, and tracking. -Responsible for Project execution following various applicable design specifications and standards. -Responsible for leading cross-functional design reviews, championing “Management of Change” process for project changes, and leading construction pre-startup reviews. -Responsible for overall field coordination during the project. Coordinate project deliverables and timing with the construction manager(s), project engineers(s) and contractors. -Ensures that work scope, project documentation, drawings, etc. are developed to meet internal standards/good engineering practice, and regulatory requirements are maintained current throughout the project. -Ensures appropriate and timely reporting of project progress; including project closeout reports. -Delivers timely, accurate, and high quality services and products to increase value and achieve customer satisfaction. -Directly responsible for safe project execution.