Marketing Manager

Marketing strategy Coordinates product cost analyses, product life cycle scenarios, etc., and challenges his/her team to conduct and implement them. Defines and proposes the price policy for new products/services, changes in prices of existing products and services, and promotional policies for current or future key products in conjunction with the Sales Department. Develop marketing plans, budget estimates, and promotional expenses. Market Intelligence Conducts in-depth assessments of licensing and external growth opportunities and proposes and makes recommendations. Organizes and ensures competitive intelligence, designs, and updates product portfolio analysis methods and field study methods and tools to make product data more reliable and to ensure that the appropriate analyses are carried out. Implementation – Plans and organizes marketing activities in his/her area and ensures their coherence. – Together with his/her product managers, defines annual plans and budgets for each product, sets objectives, and allocates promotional budgets. – Ensures the go-to-market strategies are accounted for distributors, wholesalers, direct-to vet clinics, etc. Ensures that sales volumes and profitability for each product are in line with the marketing plans and that budgets are properly allocated. Organizes or participates in events aimed at promoting the products and the brand (participation in conferences, symposiums, meetings of experts) Marketing team management Defines an organization and organizes his/her team in line with the corporate strategy and operational requirements. Manages his/her team and contributes to his/her employees’ advancement (setting objectives, evaluating performance, monitoring completion of their tasks). Motivates his/her employees and consolidates the team around the project. Develops his/her employees’ skills (training plan, etc.).