Gold Card Special Announcement


Beginning from July 28 2021, the Gold Card Pick Up Location will be Restricted to Taiwan

Beginning from noon July 28, the pick up location for the Employment Gold Card will be set in Taiwan, and there will no longer be an option for picking up the card at an overseas mission. Overseas and domestic applicants can download the Resident Authorization Certificate on the Application Portal to enter Taiwan. The Gold Card must be collected within 30 days of entering Taiwan at one of the National Immigration Agency’s Service Centers.

For applicants who have applied before July 28, your Gold Card pick up location will remain the same (the location that you have already chosen). However, if you are asked to provide supplementary documents, even if your initial application date was before July 28, your pick up location for the Gold Card will be changed to Taiwan.


Starting from 6/30, the review status on the Foreign Professionals Online Application Platform will show that the Ministry of Labor is consulting with competent authority of the application. For example: Consulting with Ministry of Science and Technology, Consulting with Ministry of Economic Affairs, Consulting with Ministry of Culture, Consulting with Construction and Planning Agency, Ministry of the Interior, Consulting with Ministry of Justice, Consulting with Financial Supervisory Commission, Consulting with Sports Administration, Ministry of Education, and Consulting with Ministry of Education. Applicants can see when the Ministry of Labor has passed the application to the relevant Ministry.