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National Development Council Logo

Act for the Recruitment and Employment of Foreign Professionals

The Act for the Recruitment and Employment of Foreign Professionals passed its 3rd reading in the Legislative Yuan on October 31, 2017. Promulgated by the President on November 22, it received the Executive Yuan’s green …

National Immigration Agency Logo

National Immigration Agency

The National Immigration Agency was established under the Ministry of Interior to take charge of border control and immigration affairs. The NIA is amongst other things responsible for border services, immigration, entry …

Contact TAIWAN Logo

Contact TAIWAN

Contact TAIWAN is a national Internet platform of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, R.O.C. Its mission is to engage oversea Chinese and global talent to work, live and invest in Taiwan. Contact TAIWAN actively links …

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EZ Work Taiwan

The area provides necessary information for foreign professionals to work in Taiwan. The approved works that foreign professionals can apply for include 7 categories such as : A. Specialized or Technical Works, B. The …

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Yushan Scholar Program

The Yushan Scholar Program aims to assist various universities and colleges (hereafter, universities) in recruiting top international scholars to teach in Taiwan by providing internationally competitive salaries and thus …

Unofficial Gold Card Community Logo

Unofficial Gold Card Community

This is an unofficial website run by the Gold Card Community. You may find some interesting information here.

LIFT Program 2.0 Logo

LIFT Program 2.0

To strengthen Taiwan’s position in the current global competition for talents, meet the need for scientific research manpower in Taiwan, attract talents back to Taiwan from overseas, and support the …

Education Resources Platform for the Children of Foreign Professionals Logo

Education Resources Platform for the Children of Foreign Professionals

In order to create an outstanding academic environment for the children of foreign professionals, the Ministry of Education in response to the policy of the Executive Yuan, hope that this plan will achieve the purpose of …

Early Childhood Educare Website Logo

Early Childhood Educare Website

The Early Childhood Educare Website is a public webpage by the Ministry of Education. It provides information regarding the country’s preschool education and insurance-related policies, laws, and parental education. The …

Invest Taipei Office logo

Invest Taipei Office

The Invest Taipei Office (ITO), established by the Taipei City Government’s Department of Economic Development, focuses on effectively assisting domestic and overseas companies and entrepreneurs by providing them …