Here is a summary of frequently asked questions regarding the Taiwan Employment Gold Card program, the application process, and other general questions regarding life in Taiwan and more.

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The timeline for issuing the Employment Gold Card is as follows:

  1. Information Check: The National Immigration Agency confirms your basic details (1-2 weeks).

  2. Qualification Check: Various relevant ministries review your application (1-2 months). If you are asked to provide Supplementary Documents, it will take longer.

  3. Passport Inspection: For overseas applicants, your local Taiwan embassy will inspect your passport (1 week). For domestic applicants, this step shall be skipped.

  4. Secondary Review: The National Immigration Agency (NIA) performs a final review of your application and prints your Gold Card (1-2 weeks). However, if you have worked for any Mainland Chinese companies or the government, please expect at least 1-2 months for the National Immigration Agency’s final review.

There is an application fee, which is paid through the Gold Card application portal. There are no separate visa or work permit fees.

The application fees vary depending on if you have applied domestically or abroad, the duration of the visa, and your nationality. Please check the Fees for Employment Gold Card section of the application portal.

There are currently 6 online payment methods, including international credit cards, domestic credit cards, E-government payment platform, virtual account payment, 4 major convenience store payments, and Web ATM (card reader payment). The government will pay for the remittance fee if the payment is made by credit card, but the applicant will be responsible for the remittance fee if the payment is made by E-government payment platform, virtual account payment, 4 convenience store payment, or Web ATM. Please note that it will take 2-3 working days to receive a payment success notification after paying through a virtual account or through the 4 major convenience stores. If you wish to use a Debit Card, you must choose the Web ATM payment option.

If you are unable to make your application payment with an international credit card, it may be due to the following reasons:

  1. 3D Secure failed (you have not applied or entered incorrectly, and you need to apply for a verification code from your bank, and enter the verification number)
  2. Credit card loss report
  3. Your credit card company is not in cooperation with the Bank of Taiwan

Please try using JCB, VISA, or MasterCard. Do NOT use AMEX or China UnionPay

If you continue to have issues, please contact the National Immigration Agency at

Please follow these instructions to pay your application fees online.


For those who apply for a Gold Card for the first time, the card issuance date is the start date. For those who extend their Gold Card, the period of validity will be extended from the original period of stay.

Gold Card_Expire Date

Please apply online via the “ Foreign Professionals Online Application Platform (Employment Gold Card) ”. The application is reviewed by the National Immigration Agency of the Ministry of the Interior, Ministry of Labor, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and other specialized authorities.

All Employment Gold Cards must be picked up in-person in Taiwan. Before you arrive in Taiwan, please find your “Republic of China Employment Gold Card Resident Authorization Certificate” online and print it out. You can enter Taiwan with this certificate along with your passport inspection certificate. You must bring this certificate and your original passport to your previously selected National Immigration Agency’s Service Center to pick up your Employment Gold Card. You must pick up your Gold Card within 30 days, starting from the day after your arrival.

To check your application status, login to the Foreign Professionals Online Application Platform , click “Application Progress Inquiry”, and fill in your 12-digit application number.

If you wish to check the status of your application, please only fill in the first 3 columns and leave the rest blank.

Status DEMO

Unfortunately, there will be no refunds once your application is submitted, regardless of the result of the application or if you revoke your application.

Please refer to the relevant regulations .

If you have any objections to the adjudication given by the National Immigration Agency, you may file an administrative appeal to the agency’s service center that you have chosen to pick up your Gold Card within 30-days of receiving this adjudication. Your appeal will then be forwarded to the Ministry of the Interior. If you have any questions about filing an appeal, please contact the NIA’s Service Center or write to NIA’s Director .

If the Gold Card holder acquires or restores their R.O.C nationality during the period of residence in Taiwan, the NIA shall revoke or repeal the Gold Card in accordance with the Act 7, The Regulations Governing Employment Gold Card Permit for Foreign Special Professionals, “During the period of residence in the State, the Employment Gold Card holder falls into one of the situations described in various paragraphs of Article 32 of the Immigration Act”.

Please contact the Ministry that is currently reviewing your application and ask them to return your application so you can edit your passport number.

For example, if your application status is Review by the Workforce Development Agency (WDA), please ask the WDA to return your application so you can edit your passport number on the application portal.

If your application status is Passport Inspection at the Bureau of Consular Affairs or Overseas Missions of R.O.C. (Taiwan), please ask BOCA or the Overseas Mission to return your application and so you can edit your passport number on the application portal.

To update your passport information, you need to fill in your new passport number and validity period on the application platform. Please select your passport validity period by clicking on the calendar icon as shown in the photo(s) below.

Change Passport Info 1

Change Passport Info 2

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