Here is a summary of frequently asked questions regarding the Taiwan Employment Gold Card program, the application process, and other general questions regarding life in Taiwan and more.

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In order to qualify for an Employment Gold Card, your skills must be related to one of ten fields: Science and Technology, Economics, Education, Culture and Art, Sport, Finance, Law, Architecture, National Defense, or Digital. You must select which ministry is most relevant, and in most cases, also select a specific qualification in that particular area for your application.

Feel free to use our Gold Card Qualification Check to check your qualification.

If any of these below are true, your application will not be accepted:

  1. An R.O.C. National who has a Taiwanese household registration, and is currently residing in Taiwan.
  2. Entered Taiwan with an R.O.C passport. Note: When applying for residency, or an extension of stay or residency, those who entered Taiwan with a foreign passport must first register their moving-out registration with the Household Registration Office.
  3. The application of males who have not completed compulsory military service of conscription age or near conscription age if they fall into one of the following situations:* Having neither an Overseas Compatriot Identity Certificate for the purpose of military service nor an Overseas Compatriot Identity Endorsement on his R.O.C. passport.
  • Being an overseas draftee who has resided in Taiwan Area for one year or more.
  • Having been subjected to conscription in accordance with the law and is being restricted from leaving the country.

Yes, you can apply from anywhere, even within Taiwan. If you have an ARC or are on a Tourist Visa, you can still apply. The Gold Card will just replace your ARC/Tourist Visa.

There is no “general” application category. You must select a single ministry to assess your skills.

You do not need to have a high salary. Some fields have a criteria where applicants with a salary greater than NT$160,000 qualify, however, this is only one criteria. To date, other than the dedicated salary criteria, no other criteria has financial requirements.

Please check the currency rate for your salary.

As long as one of the rates meets the requirement, you are eligible to apply for the Gold Card:

  1. The Buying Cash Rate during the time your application is being reviewed by the Workforce Development Agency (WDA).
  2. The Buying Cash Rate during the time your salary was earned.

Please review the List of Industries to check whether your industry is considered as under the Ministry of Economic Affairs’ jurisdiction.

If you want to find out if you are eligible for the Taiwan Employment Gold Card, please refer to the Foreign Talent Act website’s information page. If you have related questions, please send us an e-mail to

  1. Mainland Chinese citizens
  2. Individuals with Hong Kong/Macau and Taiwan Dual Citizenship
  3. Individuals who entered Taiwan with an R.O.C. passport
  4. R.O.C. Nationals living in Taiwan with a household registration
  5. R.O.C. Nationals who entered Taiwan with a foreign passport and have not yet applied for Household De-Registration
  6. Men who have not fulfilled their military service obligations or are close to service age who fall under any of the following categories:
  • Does not hold an Overseas Compatriot Identity Certificate for Military Service Purpose
  • Does not hold an R.O.C. passport with the endorsement of the Overseas Chinese residence status
  • Has Overseas Compatriot with Military Service Identity and has lived in Taiwan for one year
  • Is subject to conscription and restrictions to exit according to the Act of Military Service System

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