Here is a summary of frequently asked questions regarding the Taiwan Employment Gold Card program, the application process, and other general questions regarding life in Taiwan and more.

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The procedure for the leftover vaccine dose is determined by each individual clinic/hospital. When making an appointment, please check with the clinic/hospital if you can use other documents in place of an NHI card.

For more information, please refer to the CDC’s press release .

Unfortunately, the Taiwanese government currently has not offered any compensation for Gold Card holders. You must be a Taiwanese citizen or at least have an APRC to apply for compensation.

For more information on relief subsidies, please refer to the 1988 Relief and Revitalization Zone .

Q1. What type of places are used for group quarantine facilities?

A1. Group quarantine facilities include public training centers, dormitories, hotels, etc.

Q2. Where are group quarantine facilities located?

A2. Currently, the Ministry of Health and Welfare (MOHW) has 49 group quarantine facilities in the north, middle, and south of Taiwan.

Q3. Can I choose which group quarantine facility I want to go to?

A3. The group quarantine facility is assigned by the CDC, and the individual cannot choose the area or quarantine location.

Q4. Will internet be provided?

A4. All equipment related to internet, TV, and so on will be provided at the group quarantine facility.

Q5. What is the cost of the group quarantine facility? How do I pay (cash, credit card, bank transfer)? Can I upgrade to a better facility at my own expense?

A5. People who apply to stay in a group quarantine facility at their own expense can log onto the Quarantine System for Entry Portal ( The fee is NT$2,000 per person each day, but children under the age of 12 who live in the same room as their father or mother will not be charged. After the quarantine person(s) enters Taiwan, they will be guided to an epidemic prevention taxi (self-paid) and go directly to the group quarantine facility. The group quarantine facility is assigned by the CDC, and the individual will not be able to select the quarantine location. When your quarantine is complete, please arrange for your own taxi or ask your family to pick you up.

Q6. I hear that group quarantine facilities are open for reservations. When and how do I book one?

A6. Those who wish to book a group quarantine facility must make an appointment and pay for it at the Quarantine System for Entry Portal 48 hours before their flight is expected to arrive in Taiwan in order to acquire a Reservation Identification Code.

Q7. Can the group quarantine facility issue an invoice? Can I pay in installments?


  1. If you book through the online system and pay by credit card, you will not be able to get an invoice or receipt. The relevant charges will be proved by the credit card billing statement provided by the credit card company (if the credit card used is not in the name of the person undergoing quarantine, and the charges are to be reported to the company, please consider whether you should book a group quarantine facility to avoid any trouble with reimbursement).
  2. Paying in installments it not possible.

Q8. What will be displayed on the payment unit after I swipe my card?

A8. The Ministry of Health and Welfare.

Q9. If another quarantine location becomes available, can I cancel my booking for the group quarantine facility even though payment has already been made?

A9. Once payment has been made, there are no refunds even if you are unable to stay. If you are unable to check in due to non-personal factors such as flight cancellations or force majeure circumstances, please submit a written application to the Ministry of Health and Welfare with the relevant proof. After inspection and approval, the quarantine fee will be refunded. Please note that all transfer fees incurred from your credit card shall be borne by the individual.

Q10. Can a family live together? What if there are young children in need of care?

A10. The quarantine room is based on the principle of one person per room. If there are those who need care, such as infants or the elderly, there should be at most one caregiver, and masks must be worn in the quarantine room. The quarantined individual must stay within their own quarantine room, may not leave their room or enter another quarantined individual’s room without permission, and must eat in their own room. If any quarantined individuals leave their quarantine room without permission, they shall be fined according to law.

For more information related to group quarantine, please refer to the Ministry of Health and Welfare’s website .

Due to the severity of COVID19, and taking into consideration that the vaccine doesn’t provide 100% immunity, and that the vaccination rate is not high in Taiwan, travelers who enter or transit through Taiwan who have already received the vaccine are still required to present a COVID19 RT-PCR test report and to comply with quarantine requirements as well as other related rules after entry in order to prevent the spread of COVID19 and protect the vulnerable in Taiwan.

For more information, please refer to CDC website .

  1. Quarantine Hotel Reservation
  2. Taipei City Government Quarantine Hotels FAQ
  3. Search for Taipei City Quarantine Hotels

For more information about quarantine hotels, please click the Taipei City Government Home Page→FAQ→All

To check the latest restrictions and regulations on entering Taiwan, please click the National Immigration Agency’s Home→ Service category→ Information for Foreigners in Taiwan→COVID-19 Epidemic News→ Restrictions of Entering Taiwan

Currently, only government-funded vaccines are available, please refer to the COVID-19 vaccine priority list in Taiwan .

If you are on the priority list, you can make an appointment online for the vaccine with your National Health Insurance card through online platform .

If you have a Taiwanese bank account, you can apply online through:

If you do not have a Taiwanese bank account, you can provide a friend’s bank account information. Visit your local District Office (區公所) to fill in a document called “帳戶異動切結書“, which states that you are using another account.

To apply in person, visit the District Office of the district in which you have completed your quarantine. According to Taiwan’s Quarantine Subsidy, you can check your eligibility by calling the 1957 hotline.

If travelers are unable to provide a COVID-19 nucleic acid test (such as PCR, RT-PCR, NAA, NAT, or others) report issued within three days of boarding, and come to Taiwan without meeting the requirements, such travelers may not apply for the disease prevention compensation after entry. Please refer to CDC website for more information.

You will need to provide the following to enter Taiwan:

  1. Physical Gold Card or Resident Authorization Certificate
  2. Negative COVID-19 RT-PCR test report issued within three days of boarding
  3. Proof of stay at a government approved location of quarantine

Please use your mobile phone to log into the Quarantine System for Entry and fill out the health declaration form prior to your departure. Show the confirmation message to quarantine staff. The confirmation message is required for entering Taiwan.

Shall you have any concerns about entering Taiwan, please contact the Border Affairs Corps .

Q1. What is the Quarantine System for Entry?

A1. In response to the 2019 Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID-19), Taiwan has established the Electronic Visitor Health Declaration and Home Quarantine System (abbreviated as the Entry Quarantine System). If you enter Taiwan from abroad, please use your smartphone to fill out the online health declaration form, your health status, and travel history within 48 hours before your flight arrives in Taiwan. This Entry Quarantine System can help speed up your customs clearance when entering the country.

Q2. Who can use the Entry Quarantine System?

A2. Regardless of nationality and age (including minors under 18), as long as you have a smartphone with Internet access you can use the system.

Q3. How do I get to the Entry Quarantine System?

A3. To get to the Entry Quarantine System, scan the QR Code directly with your smartphone or click on the HERE to visit the system.

When you are abroad, you can use the wireless network provided by the airport or the international roaming function of your mobile phone plan to enter the system and fill out the online health declaration form. If you are already at an airport in Taiwan, it is recommended that you use 4G to complete the health declaration to speed up the process. If you do not have 4G, you can also use the wireless network at the airport.

Q4. How do I complete the online declaration?


Step 1: Scan the QR-Code with your smartphone or click HERE .

Step 2: Enter information into each field in order to complete the online declaration.

Step 3: After arriving in Taiwan, turn on your phone and an electronic health declaration receipt will be sent to your phone via SMS.

Step 4: Go to the place where you should provide your quarantine notice, and show your health declaration receipt on your mobile phone for verification by the on-site personnel.

Q5. If my smartphone does not have Internet access, can I still use the Entry Quarantine System?

A5. Yes. As long as your phone number can send and receive SMS, you can use the free Wi-Fi provided by the airport, connect to the Entry Quarantine System, and complete the online declaration. Upon completion, the system will send a SMS to your mobile phone.

Q6. Can individuals share mobile phones?

A6. For the purpose of community e-tracking care, inbound passengers are required to have a phone number of a telecom service provider in Taiwan (a SIM card can be purchased at the airport in Taiwan) and to use their personal mobile phone (1 person, 1 phone) to make the health declaration. However, special circumstances such as if the passenger is under 12 years old or if the passengers will undergo home quarantine in the same location, they can complete the health declaration through a shared mobile phone.

Q7. I have been living abroad for a long time and my Taiwan SIM card is not working or has been deactivated, what should I do?

A7. You can apply for a new SIM card to a telecom service provider on site (near the place where you submit your quarantine notice) or apply to reactivate your SIM card.

Q8. Why can’t I receive the SMS? How do I solve this problem?

A8. If you have correctly completed the declaration form on the Entry Quarantine System, you will not receive a SMS until you arrive in Taiwan. If you have arrived in Taiwan and still have not received a SMS, please follow the steps below to troubleshoot the problem:

  • Confirm that all your personal information is accurate
  1. Make sure that the passport number or travel document number listed on the Entry Quarantine System is consistent with the document number used when purchasing the flight ticket.
  2. Before submitting the form, double-check that the mobile phone number entered into the Entry Quarantine System is correct.
  3. If you are not an R.O.C. (Taiwan) Citizen, please click the “No Passport Click Here” button for your ID card/resident certificate ID card No./ARC No. This will automatically fill in your passport number.
  • SMS sending and receiving settings on your mobile phone
  1. Please make sure that your phone can make/receive calls and send/receive SMS. If your phone is set to Airplane Mode during the flight, please turn off Airplane Mode and restart your phone to send and receive SMS again.
  2. Please check if your phone’s brand/model has a SMS filtering function, such as the Huawei phone (Call Settings → Menu →Harassment Filter) or Xiaomi phone (Security Center → Harassment Filter → Settings).
  • Please ask the airport quarantine personnel to use the troubleshoot function. After confirming your passport number, name, and other information, a SMS will be sent to you.

Q9. If I assist my family members with filling out the declaration form on a computer before boarding, will I receive a text message?

A9. Passengers must use their smartphone to fill out the online declaration within 48 hours before the plane arrives in Taiwan, only then will they receive the SMS when arriving in Taiwan. If you do not receive the SMS when you arrive, please contact the airport quarantine personnel for assistance.

Q10. If I have an international roaming mobile phone number, why do I need to apply for a domestic number when entering Taiwan?


  1. If your mobile phone has international roaming, you will receive SMS, but the roaming number cannot effectively be used to carry out personal health care and tracking after you enter the country. Therefore, inbound passengers must apply for a Taiwan mobile phone number to facilitate management and support care services provided by the civil affairs bureau and local borough chief.
  2. Individuals must use a Taiwan mobile phone number to make a health declaration and receive an electronic health declaration receipt. If you do not have a Taiwan mobile phone number, you can make the declaration with your international roaming number before you depart (an overseas station of the airline company). Once you arrive in Taiwan, you need to purchase a SIM card from a Taiwan telecom service provider at the airport and activate it before entering the country.

Q11. For passengers arriving in Taiwan from a third place via connecting flight, which flight number should be entered into the Entry Quarantine System?

A11. According to current regulations, passengers should use their mobile phone to complete the declaration on the Entry Quarantine System before boarding their plane. Therefore, passengers should provide the flight number from the place of departure (not place of transit) on the Entry Quarantine System. For example, if a passenger departs from Paris, France on flight MM99, then transfers in Hong Kong and takes flight KK123 to Taiwan, the passenger should select France for the Country/Region of Departure and provide the flight number of your departure (MM99).

For more information, please click the Taiwan Centers for Disease Control’s Home → COVID-19 Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) → FAQs → Quarantine System for Entry

Please refer to the CDC’s Border quarantine .

Please refer to CDC’s guidelines for the 7-Day Self-Health Management .

The online vaccine registration platform , if you have any technical issues, please call (02)7745-3171 or email

Please check online if you are qualified to get vaccinated at this LINK .

If you want to check what vaccine programs there are for the elderly in different cities and counties, please refer HERE .

Publicly funded COVID-19 vaccine appointment registration

Publicly funded COVID-19 vaccine appointment and inquiry

(Please note that these websites are in Chinese)

Instructions of Vaccination Registration and Booking System, please refer to THIS .

Please refer to the CDC’s Designated Hospital List for self-paid COVID-19 PCR testing .

For the most recent announcements, please visit the CDC’s website .

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