Here is a summary of frequently asked questions regarding the Taiwan Employment Gold Card program, the application process, and other general questions regarding life in Taiwan and more.

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Your spouse and children can enter Taiwan with a Visa-Exempt Entry or the Visitor Visa or Resident Visa for the reason of family reunion, issued by the ROC (Taiwan) overseas mission. ( Resident Visa for Spouse and Resident Visa for Children ) When they enter Taiwan, they can acquire the right to reside after having been inspected by the National Immigration Agency. For more information on the ARC application process, please refer HERE

The required documents For ARC are:

  1. Original and photocopy of your passport
  2. Proof of dependent relative relationship authenticated by the ROC(Taiwan) overseas mission. (Not required for applicants with a Resident Visa)
  3. One 2’’ x 2’’ colored photo, front head and shoulder, taken within six months
  4. Identity documents, the Gold Card of the person to whom they bear dependent status.
  5. NT$1,000 for alien residence certificate per case valid for one year, however, additional NT$2,200 is required for applicants entering the State with a visitor visa or visa-exempt entry.
  6. A completed application form.
  7. Letter of authorization for not being able to apply in-person
  8. Applicants born in the Mainland Area and eligible for or have been granted citizenship of Mainland Area thereof, in addition to submitting documents to meet the requirements prescribed in Article 7 Paragraphs 1 and 2 of the Enforcement Rules for the Act Governing Relations between the People of the Taiwan Area and the Mainland Area, shall also submit one of the following certifications:(1)Original certification of non-establishment of Mainland household registration verified by the Straits Exchange Foundation.(2)Original notarial certification of cancellation of Mainland household registration verified by the Straits Exchange Foundation.(3)Documentary proof sufficient to prove renunciation of ID as a People of the Mainland Area, verified by an ROC (Taiwan)embassy or overseas mission.(4)Other documentary proof sufficient to prove renunciation of ID as a People of the Mainland Area.
  9. Certificate of current domicile

If your parents are from Mainland China, they may apply for an entry permit to visit relatives in Taiwan at a National Immigration Agency Service Center for two months at a time. They may apply three times a year, and the permit must be collected in Taiwan, so you may send it to Mainland China for them to collect.

For detailed information, please refer to National Immigration Agency Website

The Mainland Chinese spouse and children of Gold Card holders can apply for a Family Reunion Certificate to enter Taiwan. They cannot apply for a Resident Visa nor can they convert to an ARC.

Please refer to this link for the Family Reunion Certificate application for Mainland Chinese individuals or contact the National Immigration Agency at +886(2)-23889393 ext. 2692

To apply for a visa for visiting relatives, a foreign special professional’s lineal ascendant shall fill in the visa application form online at the official website of Bureau of Consular Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Along with the filled-in, printed and signed application form, an applicant shall submit their passport (valid for at least 6 months), 2 passport-size photos in color taken within 6 months with white color background, the foreign special professional’s proof of residence in Taiwan (including Republic of China Employment Gold Card Resident Authorization Certificate) and the proof documents for their relative relationship. (Please visit HERE )

The spouse and children of Gold Card holders may apply for permanent residency as long as they meet ONE of the following requirements (choose the requirement that is most beneficial to you):

  1. After a Gold Card holder has been a permanent resident for at least 3 years, if their spouse, underage children (or adult children with mental/physical disabilities who are unable to care for themselves) then stay for at least an additional least 3 consecutive years (for an average of 183 days or more per year) they may apply for permanent residence. They will be exempt from the financial proof requirements.
  2. The spouse and children of Gold Card holders may apply for permanent residency if they have legally resided in Taiwan for at least 5 consecutive years and for more than 183 days per year, and have also met the requirements of Article 25 of the Immigration Act.


  1. For Gold Card holders who have obtained a Doctorate Degree from a Taiwanese institution, the residency requirement is shortened from 3 years to 2 years. However, this does not impact the residency requirements for the Gold Card holder’s spouse or children, who may only apply for permanent residency after living in Taiwan for 3 years.
  2. Gold Card holders cannot apply for the APRC with their dependents simultaneously. For permanent residence related regulations, please follow the regulations of the National Immigration Agency (NIA). If you have any APRC questions, please contact the NIA .

Application for Permanent Residence Information:



Under most cases, your spouse must first find employment and have the employer apply for a work permit on their behalf. For information on the requirements for a work permit, please see HERE

However, your spouse can work part-time as a specialized or technical worker, or as the director or manager of an approved business that has been invested in/established by Overseas Chinese or foreigner(s), their salary or remuneration must be NT$200 or more per hour.

For Spouses of Foreign Professionals Engaged in Part-Time Specialized or Technical Work, please click HERE

For Spouses of Foreign Professionals Engaged in Part-Time Work as the Director or Manager of an Approved Business that has been Invested in or Established by Overseas Chinese or Foreigner(s), please click HERE

  • Required Documents:

    1. An application form, with a white-background 2’’ photo taken within the last 2 years (Same specification as ROC national ID photo).
    2. Original and copy of Hong Kong/Macau permanent residence ID card and Hong Kong/Macau passport (the original will be returned after verification).
    3. Application Fee: NT$600 for a single entry permit; NT$1,000 for a 1-year multiple entry permit; NT$2,000 for a 3-year multiple entry permit.
    4. A registered self-addressed stamped envelope with the recipient’s name and phone number.
    5. Power of Attorney (Not required if Hong Kong/Macau residents apply in person).
    6. Certificate of family relations.
    7. A copy of valid ARC or ROC Employment Gold Card overseas application approval notice issued to the Hong Kong/Macau special professional.
  • How to apply:

    1. In Hong Kong or Macau: Apply to the Taipei Economic and Cultural Offices in Hong Kong or Macau. Second application and beyond may be filed directly to the NIA.
    2. In foreign countries: Apply to ROC (Taiwan) embassies, representative offices, or other agencies authorized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

For an employed Gold Card holder who has obtained permanent residency from the National Immigration Agency of the Ministry of Interior, their adult children who qualify with the prescribed days of residence and eligibility criteria, may apply directly to the Ministry of Labor for permission to work in Taiwan, and need not apply through an employer. (Please find more information in: Act for the Recruitment and Employment of Foreign Professionals - Article 15 )

Please refer to the CDC’s list of designated hospitals in Taiwan

Please see the attached PDF for a list of contacts at the Center of Family Childcare Service in Taipei (organized by district).

If you would like to know more information, please refer to the Social and Family Affairs Administration, Ministry of Health and Welfare .

In order to create a friendly educational environment for children of foreign professionals, the Ministry of Education has built a website that collects schools and programs for expat kids in Taiwan. Click the LINK for more information.

To consult with the Ministry of Education about children’s enrollment in school, please call (886)2-7736-7867 or email

  • High School enrollment, please call (886)2-7736-7867
  • Junior High School / Elementary School enrollment (886)2-7736-7770
  • Childcare/ Infant care (886)2-7736-7789

The department of land administration, MOI has provided the following resources:

  1. Rental Housing Market Development and Regulation Act
  2. Rental Housing Contract

The import of medicine, supplements, and medical supplies into Taiwan is highly regulated. You will need to obtain permission to import these by providing documentation for the quantity and a medical prescription for the users. You can apply for this process online, however, since the platform is in Chinese only, you may need to find someone to help you to make sure you have the proper information. FDA Website .

It is worth noting that Taiwan has a very developed medical and health system; you may search the equivalent medication in Taiwan through Medicine Scan (藥掃描) APP, please refer to Overview of Drug Information Progress in Taiwan .

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