Here is a summary of frequently asked questions regarding the Taiwan Employment Gold Card program, the application process, and other general questions regarding life in Taiwan and more.

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Launched in 2018, The Taiwan Employment Gold Card is a combined visa, work permit, and residence permit. The card gives you the right to stay and work in Taiwan for 1 to 3 years, and you can apply online without sponsorship. It comes with open-work rights, so you can work for any (or multiple) companies in Taiwan or start your own business.

For More info What is the Taiwan Gold Card?

The NIA has previously provided on-record assurances that there’s no issue here. You must ensure consecutive residence of five years to be eligible - no time gap between your employment ARC and your Gold Card.

Yes, you can apply from anywhere, even within Taiwan. If you have an ARC or are on a Tourist Visa, you can still apply. The Gold Card will just replace your ARC/Tourist Visa.

Yes, as a Gold Card holder you can be self-employed. Having the Gold Card allows you to work for an employer, set up a company in Taiwan, or be self-employed in Taiwan or abroad.

Gold Card comes with open work rights, so you may work for any (or multiple) company in Taiwan or start your own business.

Yes, as a Gold Card holder, your parents and grandparents are eligible to apply for a 1 year multi-entry visa for a maximum stay of six months at a time. This visa can be extended in Taiwan to allow for a maximum stay of one year at a time. Contact your nearest Taiwan diplomatic post or the Bureau of Consular Affairs to apply.

The Employment Gold Card includes an open work permit that allows the holder to engage in all white-collar jobs in Taiwan. However, if the profession they engage in is not under the original Field of application, the individuals tax concessions will be affected.

You do not need to travel to Taiwan right away. Some applicants take months to prepare for their arrival. When your application is officially approved, you will receive an email from the application portal.

Your cards’ validity can start before you enter Taiwan or pick up your card. Keep this in mind when planning your move to Taiwan.

*Note: Starting from December 1, 2020, until February 28, 2021, you’ll need a certificate of a negative COVID-19 RT-PCR test result issued within three working days to be able to enter Taiwan.

Please check the National Immigration Agency’s Validation of Electronic Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) website .

You can search with both the old and new UI number. If the UI number on your Gold Card has been changed, please use the new UI number to check. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Mr. Huang from the Information Section of the NIA at (02)2388-9393#2463.

You must log in to the platform: Foreign Professionals Online Application Platform and update your details there within 30 days of moving. Address changes are free.

Process for address change:

Log into the [Foreign Professionals Online Application Platform] Information change of Employment Gold Card –> Upload proof of address (i.e. proof of accommodation, lease contract, or water/electricity bill) –> Additional Documents (if needed) –> Receive automated email stating that the “steps of the online payment and the delivery have been completed” –> Bring passport, current Gold Card, and electronic payment receipt to the National Immigration Agency to claim new Gold Card.

If you want to apply for a New UI No. for foreign nationals, please check the “Submission for Change of New UI No. Only” in the “Information Change of Employment Gold Card” section of the online application portal and upload a photo of your Gold Card to apply.

For all other Gold Card related changes, such as updating your resident address and other information or applying for a new Gold Card, after the payment is submitted and approved, if you still have an old ID number, the system will automatically give you a New UI No. for foreign nationals.

If you’ve applied for an Employment Gold Card in 2021, the UI No. will be changed to a New UI No. (one English letter plus nine digits), so if the ARC is an old-style UI No (two English letters plus eight digits), the Employment Gold Card application will be changed to a New UI No.

For more information, please refer to the NIA’s website .

The following information can be updated through the online application platform:

  1. Chinese/English Name (NTD500 fee)
  2. Gender (NTD500 fee)
  3. Passport Number (Free)
  4. Collection Location (Free)
  5. Resident Address (Free; Must provide documents such as electricity bills or rental agreement)
  6. Email (Free; Please contact NIA for assistance)

Please note that according to Article 6 of the Fee-Charging Standards for Employment Gold Cards, Employment Pass Cards and Entrepreneur Visas to Fee-Charging Standards for Employment Gold Cards, Employment Pass Cards and Entrepreneur Visas”, Hong Kong/ Macau applicants must pay NT$2,600 if they wish to change their Name or Gender.

If you need to update any personal information or if your card is stolen, lost or damaged, please file a report using the Foreign Professionals Online Application Platform within 30 days from its occurrence.

Please follow the instruction to update information on your Gold Card.

change information_eng

There are no requirements. However, you must stay for more than 183 days per year in order to be eligible for many benefits such as: tax resident treatment and a pathway to permanent residence.

47,971 NTD is the required minimum salary for specialized or technical personnel in order to apply for a work permit, but this does not include to the Employment Gold Card. However, relevant working conditions must still comply with the Labor Standards Act for all foreigners who work in Taiwan.

Yes, this card is perfect for you, since it contains an open work permit that allows you to work for any employer.

Yes, provided they have lived in Taiwan from the time before they were 16 years old, for more than 270 days per year. (Please find more information in: Act for the Recruitment and Employment of Foreign Professionals - Article 17)

Holders of Employment Gold Card enjoy the following rights and interests:

  1. The card is an open-end work permit issued to employment-seeking individuals that requires neither pre-confirmed hiring by or application through any employer.

  2. Income tax benefits in terms of income tax deduction and exemption according to Article 9 of the Act for the Recruitment and Employment of Foreign Professionals.

  3. The maximum duration of stay of visiting lineal ascendants of the card holder is expanded to 1 year.  According to Article 13 of the Act for the Recruitment and Employment of Foreign Professionals, lineal ascendants of a card holder may apply for a multiple-entry visitor visa valid for one year for staying up to six months per entry.  The application should be made to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or one of its overseas missions.  The visa may be extended upon expiration for 1-year-maximum duration of stay in each extension.

  4. The spouse and minor children of the Employment Gold Card holders are eligible for residence in Taiwan.

  5. For the holders of Employment Gold Card who are employed in professional work in Taiwan, their spouse, minor children, and adult children who are unable to live independently due to physical or mental disability, having obtained documentary proof of residence, will no longer be subject to a 6-month wait for inclusion in NHI coverage.

To reset your password, login to the Foreign Professionals Online Application Platform and click “Forget Password?”

Please log into the Online Application Portal, go to Application Menu –> Replace Lost, Stolen or Damaged Employment Gold Card.

Follow the directions and complete the steps. After about 2 weeks, you will be able to pick up your new Gold Card at your local National Immigration Agency Service Center.

You may simply find a new job. Your Gold Card is not sponsored by your employer and will not be affected by a change of job.

The term “foreign special professional” shall refer to a foreign professional who engages in professional work in the R.O.C. and has special expertise needed by the R.O.C. in science & technology, economy, education, culture, arts, sports, and other fields as announced by the central competent authority. The “professional work” mentioned above refers to work set forth in Subparagraphs 1 to 6 of Paragraph 1, Article 46 of the Employment Services Act, or possessing specialized knowledge or skill and approved by the central competent authority in consultation with the Ministry of Education as a teacher of non-academic classes in a short-term tutorial school registered in accordance with the Supplementary Education Act.

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