New Features on our Website

The Gold Card Office has been working hard to improve our services, and we’re delighted to announce a few new features on our website today.

  • Application Guide, including Qualification Quick Check

Qualification Quick Check Diagram

Did you know there are more than 60 ways to qualify for the gold card? Or that filling out the application form can require more than 50 different bits of information? It can all be a bit overwhelming sometimes.

We know that Gold Card applicants need different information at different times, and so we have created a step-by-step Application Guide. It will help you determine how you may qualify, and provide just the right amount of information for a regular application at each stage of the process. Of course, please do still follow the links to the formal regulations whenever you are unsure!

  • Chat Bot

Chat Bot Diagram

Our hardworking helpdesk team now provides live chat support in addition to the existing email and phone options. You can talk with us though instant messaging on our helpdesk page between 10am and 6pm Taiwan time (UTC+8).

  • Job Board

Job Board Diagram

Finding a job is sometimes one of the harder tasks of moving countries, and we’re here to help. Powered by popular Taiwanese job search site Cakeresume, we now list some of the most relevant jobs for Gold Card holders on our Job Board.

  • Improved Helpdesk Form

Help Desk Diagram

We have inaugurated a new helpdesk form that you can use to send us emails. One of the main improvements is that you can now select the Type of question you have. This helps direct your request to the right people and results in even faster response times. The form’s performance for our friends that use screenreaders has also been greatly improved.

That’s all for now, but please feel free to contact us any time with your ideas!