Team Taiwan, 2022 Talent Trip (Singapore, Malaysia)

Since its establishment at the end of 2020, the Employment Gold Card Office (hereinafter referred to as TGC) has been tasked with overseas promotion and recruitment, actively bringing international talents to Taiwan. In the past two years, due to the impact of the epidemic, the TGC was unable to go overseas, so it promoted the program online instead. As the epidemic gradually slowed down from the middle of this year (2022), the TGC immediately launch an overseas recruitment program to Singapore and Malaysia from September 5 to 12 to conduct the first national-level talent recruitment campaign.

Singapore and Malaysia are important countries of origin for gold card applicants. As of December 1, 2022, the two countries have issued 288 and 210 gold cards respectively, ranking fifth and ninth among countries. In addition, Singapore has a high density of international talents, and its higher education attracts and nurture many outstanding young students. Its introduction of policies and practices to attract talent has also become the Taiwan government in the legislative borrowing; Malaysia is a multi-racial country, and professionals generally speak three or four languages, English proficiency is among the best in Asian countries, coupled with a large number of alumni organizations in Taiwan, the energy of overseas Taiwanese students should not be underestimated.

The talent-recruitment team was led by Deputy minister Yu Chien-Hwa of the National Development Council, and invited representatives from the National Science and Technology Council, the Ministry of Economic Affairs, TSMC, Vanguard International Semiconductor Corporation, PicCollage and Lucid, the new stars of tomorrow, participated with the delegation. The itinerary includes campus visits, career briefings, Gold Card dinners, exhibitions, etc. According to different target audiences, there will be multiple events in various forms to promote Gold Card and introduce opportunities to live and develop in Taiwan.

The 2022 Singapore and Malaysia Recruitment Trip Achievement Review1

Through the Gold Card Dinner, the delegation reached out to local professionals, including representatives of enterprises, colleges and universities, chambers of commerce, media, etc., to multiply and expand the publicity. It is worth mentioning that the delegation visited the top universities in Singapore and Malaysia, including Nanyang Technological University (NTU), National University of Singapore (NUS) and University of Malaya (UM), and held campus career briefings, where the accompanying companies introduced their companies and job vacancies, and arrange one-on-one interviews between companies and students. The delegation also signed a talent exchange and cooperation MOU with the Federation of Alumni Associations of Taiwan Universities, Malaysia to jointly promote the bilateral talent exchange cycle. Finally, the delegation participated in the Malaysia Career Fair MCTF’22, had a booth to promote the talent recruitment environment and the Taiwan Employment Gold Card, and introduce life and job opportunities in Taiwan to job seekers who come to visit.

The 2022 Singapore and Malaysia Recruitment Trip Achievement Review2

The trip was very tight but successful one, with one-on-one consultation with 300 local talents and over 200,000 people reached through local media and expositions, initiating the first step towards a win-win relationship between Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia on the talent cycle. We also look forward to visiting more countries by 2023 to spread the message that Taiwan welcomes talents from the world.

The 2022 Singapore and Malaysia Recruitment Trip Achievement Review3