The must-know tips and tricks for startups in Taiwan

Foreign Startups in Taiwan: 3 Key Questions You Need to Consider in Advance —Which type of company best suits you? How does one set up a company? How long does it take to set up a company?

Foreign Startups in Taiwan: 3 Most Common Types of Companies in Taiwan —Shareholder’s Rights, Capital Contribution Options and Financial Tools Available and Qualifications of Directors and Threshold to Amend the Articles of Incorporation.

Foreign Startups in Taiwan: 3 Options for Foreign Corporate Entities to Set Up Companies in Taiwan —Difference between Subsidiary, Branch, and Representative Office.

Primer for Startups: Do’s and Dont’s when Recruiting Employees in Taiwan —Disclosing the terms and conditions of employment and salary. Also be mindful of employment discrimination during recruitment.

Primer for Startups: When enter into proper documentation with employees —Do not underestimate employment agreements and overlooked Intellectual property assignment agreements